Rochel Smoller Kidney Donoar Advocate TEDx Talk San Diego

Rochel Smoller


Rochel Smoller's journey from Boston to becoming a beacon of hope and positivity is a narrative that captivates audiences worldwide. Her roots in education, stemming from her graduation from the Beth Rivka teachers' seminary in Brooklyn, New York, have laid the foundation for her impactful career. As a lifelong educator, Rochel's insights into the dynamics of learning, relationships, and personal growth resonate deeply with her audience.

Rochel's multifaceted background adds layers of intrigue to her speaking engagements. Beyond her role as an educator, she serves as a director of a summer camp alongside her husband, demonstrating firsthand her commitment to fostering environments of growth and community. Her global lectures on education, dating, and maintaining a positive outlook in life offer a holistic perspective, drawing from her diverse experiences and expertise.

What truly sets Rochel apart as a compelling speaker is her genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Her infectious optimism and sincere concern for the well-being of her audience create an atmosphere of warmth and connection. Whether discussing the intricacies of education, the nuances of relationships, or the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, Rochel's message resonates deeply, inspiring individuals to embrace kindness, resilience, and empathy.

Rochel's advocacy efforts as a kidney donor further highlight her altruistic spirit and unwavering commitment to helping others. By sharing her personal journey and triumphs over adversity, Rochel not only educates but also empowers her audience to overcome challenges with courage and compassion. Rochel Smoller's compelling background and unwavering dedication to spreading hope and positivity make her a speaker whose message transcends boundaries and inspires meaningful change.

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 Rochel Smoller Kidney Donoar Advocate TEDx Talk San Diego
 Rochel Smoller Kidney Donoar Advocate TEDx Talk San Diego

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 Rochel Smoller Kidney Donor Advocate TEDx Speaker